Why Candelas is Controversial

Quick Summary- for full details read below:

  • During the clean up, they never remediated areas outside of the industrial plant site, which sits at the center of the wildlife refuge and contains nuclear waste landfills.
  • The clean up that they did do included collapsing and then burying most of the nuclear weapons facility in place, including the process lines used to move nuclear waste from building to building, under about 6 feet of soil and paving over some of it.
  • The nuclear waste landfill at the center of the site is still leaking. Visit the Rocky Flats Glows site for a full write up on on the leaks and ongoing concerns.
  • The developers are missing facts about the contamination out there.
  • Metro State University of Denver partnered with Rocky Flats Downwinders to conduct a health survey to study possible impacts of living near Rocky Flats.

Here is how much plutonium is in the field right next to Candelas:
In January 2015, Carl Spreng, Rocky Flats Program Manager with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) presented to the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council exactly how much plutonium(Pu) is in the field along the northern border of the Candelas Development (See map below). The presentation included a “hot spot” of plutonium of 4.60pCi/g. Mr. Spreng then omitted listing the HOT SPOT in the average on page 4 of the report, so that the amounts listed would be under allowable limits. Blatant manipulation of data!  Click here to view the report and here for the full test results with the “hot spot.”

Remember NO remediation has ever been done outside of the central operating unit (OU1), the nuclear waste landfill superfund site, at the center of the wildlife refuge to toxic to ever be opened to the public. You can read the EPA report  to find out more about where they did and didn’t clean it up and what’s on site.

This means all that plutonium that the CDPHE reported is still out there in the field just north of all those houses.  Why would you take the risk to live next to that when all it takes is one tiny particle inhaled to cause health problems?

Pu in the field

But it gets worse:
The developers at Candelas did some testing for concerned residents and created some official looking brochures and websites including, www.candelasrockyflats.com with what could be considered liable phrases like, “Most successful clean up in US history.”

On this site, the developers have posted two soil tests (2011 Test, 2013 Test). Upon review of these tests you see they only did GAMMA radiation testing.

So, why does that matter?

Plutonium is an ALPHA radiation emitter. Gamma radiation comes from things like radon, which is naturally occurring in Colorado. They didn’t even test for the element they are trying to assure the residents is not a concern.

GammavsAlphaProfessor Michael Ketterer, Ph.D., MSU, raises the same concern and stating “I don’t think we can be insured at all that a property like Candelas and other locations are clean,” to regulators at the Highland City Club in Boulder on August 4, 2015.  Click here to watch, the statement occurs at 18:45.


…and it’s still leaking.

Last and most concerning really is that the central nuclear waste landfill superfund site at the center if the wildlife refuge is still leaking contaminates above allowable limits. Peruse through the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council Updates and you will find many Reportable Events of elevated radiation leaks detected.

The July 2015 report from the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council reported elevated levels of americium and of plutonium (1.02 pCi/L of Pu; remember “allowable” is .15 pCi/L). Look for “Contact Record 2015-05” on page 3.

Are you starting to get the same feeling we are?

For more information we invite you to also visit www.candelasconcerns.com.

Lack of Full Disclosure:

Have you ever wondered what the developers at Candelas tell the residents about living next to Rocky Flats, the former Nuclear Weapons Plant, and the possibility of exposure to plutonium they might have from living there?

We have obtained copies of the disclosures and, guess what?!

They say nothing about the plutonium and the dangers that lurk there, or the high incidences of cancers in the area, or the effects the exposure has had on the people or wildlife that remain in the area. Can you imagine signing this disclosure and no where does it say “former superfund site considered one of the most toxic in the US!”

Click to read for yourself.

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