There are multiple legal actions in effect regarding Rocky Flats. We are currently a part of two.

  1. Law suite to have US Fish and Wildlife Service keep Rocky Flats Buffer Zone closed and disallow recreation. We have had our preliminary hearing with federal Judge Brimmer and did not win a preliminary injunction keeping the area from opening for recreation as a “Wildlife Refuge,” but are still waiting on a ruling for the larger case. More here.
  2. Legal action with the law offices of Patricia Mellen, revealed at a press conference on Jan 10, 2019. See these news reports for more on this historic request to open up sealed Grand Jury documents from the original Rocky Flats criminal court case: -Broad national news here. In-depth local news from Denver Westword here. We hope to better understand what is buried at the site and where. You can read the full petition here.

Proposed trail map 8.2018

Studies on Rocky Flats consists of at least nine different surveys, some government-sponsored and some independent, that all indicate elevated levels of plutonium contamination in and around the Rocky Flats Nuclear Wildlife Refuge.
Click here for a video summary of those studies.

No one, not even the government agencies, deny the elevated levels of contamination that exist in the area, but they insist that it’s a safe* dose of weapons-grade plutonium(Pu).

The radiation safety standards and health risk assessments the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)** cites are based on gamma radiation exposures that pass through the body, not alpha radiation exposures (like those emitted by Pu) that can lodge within the body.

*There is no such thing as a ‘safe’ or ‘reasonable’ or ‘lowest standard’ level of exposure to weapons-grade plutonium. Exposure to even the smallest particles(consisting of 1000’s of atoms of Pu) can be deadly if inhaled or ingested.

**CDPHE Rocky Flats oversight is funded by the Department of Energy, the agency responsible for the contamination at Rocky Flats, and the clean-up and monitoring of the nuclear waste superfund site.

Thanks for joining us in September for our protest of Rocky Flats’ opening as a “Wildlife Refuge” at the EPA offices in downtown Denver: