Who is watching the watchers?

The Rocky Flats Stewardship Council has been set up to monitor and report on (watch) contamination levels coming out of the of former Nuclear Weapons Plant Site, turned Superfund site, turned Wildlife Refuge at Rocky Flats. This year so far they have reported a string of concerning events including the cracking and further deterioration of the “containment cap” over the most contaminated portions of the site, and elevated levels of plutonium and americium found in their water monitoring stations on the southeast side, the side closest to the new housing developments including Candelas.

We believe it’s important to watch the watchers and report on their findings, as we have found that what they find and report on largely goes unnoticed or travels only in academic circles and is not discussed with the common public.

To start, all of The Rocky Flats Stewardship Council findings are made public and are easily accessible. However, with no one noticing or raising alarms, the public continues to believe the site is “safe” while untold amounts of pollutants continue to weep into the surrounding areas and waters.

The July 2015 report has yet to  be posted to their site but we have it here, and it contains the most alarming information this year to date regarding the elevated plutonium and americium levels (Check Contact Record 2015-05 starting on the bottom of page 3.) Click here to view all of the contamination reports through June 2015.

Join us September 14th for their next meeting to ask about the raised levels of contaminants!
Click here for details on time and location and upcoming dates!

All of The Rocky Flats Stewardship Council meetings are public and concerned people are welcome to attend!


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